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2nd year design work
I know that I was supposed to post more often. What can I say 2nd semester was really hard. There was barely enough time to rest never mind blog :). Anyway now its done and I've had a few nights to recover and reflect and hopefully I passed all my courses. Without further ado here's what I've been up to.

Our first project was a combo of a panning background, a flying machine, and a crashed version of the flying machine. The panning bg was a lot of fun. Mostly due to the fact that I chose a very organic setting. I decided to use a previous idea that I had thought of for the haunted house and instead use it for the pan.

haunted house for bugs

So when I started to thumbnail for the pan thats where I started. However that soon changed into a location much closer to where the character would live.

pan thumbs

Slowly the scene gets more focused on a mushroom village that the character belongs to.

mushroom village pan

The next step was to design a flying machine for my character. Since I had decided when I was working on the pan that the character was going to be a gnome of some sorts. So I knew I could basically do anything for a flying machine that a human could use.

flying machine 2

The design that was eventually approved was a surprise to me but I enjoyed it just the same.

flying machine 1

Then we had to create a prop sheet for the same flying machine but as though it had crashed off-screen after flying through the pan.

Crashed ship prop sheet

My scene off screen was pretty much in the same style as the pan with the ship hanging from various vines suspended from the trees.

The next project was the character. I will be adding my thumbs later as soon as I go home and scan them. Here is the end result.

Magicless murray rotation

Originally the third and final project would have been a view of the cockpit in the flying machine but that was changed due to time constraints. Instead we had to choose a famous person to caricature. Since Ollie Johnston passed away recently I thought it fitting to choose him.


So thats pretty much it for design.  Its been a heck of a year and I had some hard patches especially at the end getting sick during finals.  But all things considered its still where I want to be and what I want to do for the rest of my life, thats all that matters.


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