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ADAPT '07 Day Two
Wow, what a day. I can't believe the people we met today. The day started out like I expected. We were a tad irritated that we had to go in early to register instead of getting it done last night. We woke up around 6:30am and got ready to go. We had a very nice continental breaky up stairs, with a few of the other guests staying at Chez Roger. Then we were off.



The first speaker on the agenda was Ryan Cook. Ryan talked about lots of cg methods used to simulate buildings, smoke effects and lots more. His company "Double Negative" has done a heck of a lot of movie cg. Batman Begins, World Trade Center, and Harry Potter 5 to name a few. I asked him some questions about green screening vs. blue. He chuckled and said that he felt it to be just a personal preference, though many other professionals will say different. One of the theories is that blue seems to be the preferred method if shooting closeups on actors, the skin tones turn out better.


The second speaker was Mark Goerner. Mark is a freelance concept designer and illustrator. He too has many projects under his belt. He went into his approach to design. A very good lecture on what questions to be asking yourself when designing something. I took many notes :). I also suggested that Matt strike up a conversation with him after the lecture and give him a business card. Matt was reluctant and shy but I soon goaded him into it. Matt gave Mark his card after a lengthy talk, and Mark was all too happy to take it. Score one contact in the biz for Matt :)


A minute later Matt was engrossed in another conversation with a friend of Mark whom is also in the biz. Gunar makes two, way to go Matt.


Then we headed up to the Art Expo showing all sorts of different digital art paintings some of which were incredible. Also at the Art Expo was a woman giving people a chance to enter a speed painting contest using a Cintiq tablet and Corel Painter 10. Matt and I both had a go at it, wish us luck. The prize is a free Painter 10 and an Intous 3, not too shabby.






After our fun we went in search of food. A nearby Second Cup was an excellent way to snack and sketch the people passing by.


From this point everything just sorta snowballs like crazy. Matt and I bumped into the official photographer for Adapt, John. We all got to talking about where we were from and why we came and became fast friends. Later on that evening we met John again at the opening party. When the party wrapped up Matt and I were invited to dine with John and his brother Joe (a coordinator for Adapt). Also at the table was an assortment of people in the "know". Among them was Jean Eric Henault, creator of on my left and Fausto De Martini, lead modeler for Blizzard's cinematic team on my right. I hope I made a good first impression :) Dinner at Le Baton Rouge was very nice and the company was amazing. The shock of being around all these pros still hasn't fully sunk in. I feel like this is where I want to be. Playing with the big boys in film and game cinematics. I couldn't have chosen a better place to sit :)

After a few hours we all went our separate ways. Matt and I walked to our hotel geeking out over our good fortune and our new friends. Dear god, what will happen tomorrow?

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